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Coaching Staff


Rowan Parnell has all his NCCP Comp Intro certifications, and is working on getting fully COMP Dev certified. He is a current High-Performance athlete who has placed top 10 in the last Canada Winter Games, and competes regularly on the Canadian Open Tour and Jr Nationals.


  • Freestyle Canada Certified SUPERCOACH
  • Freestyle Canada Air 1 (tramp upright)
  • Air 2 (tramp invert and off-axis qualifications)
  • Air 3 (air bag and water ramp trick qualifications)
  • Air 4a & 4b (on snow invert and off-axis qualifications)
  • 11 NCCP Modules completed
Winnipeg Freeriders Coaching Staff


Assistant Coach

Will is a former provincial team and CWG participant.  He has honed his skills after spending 2 years in the mountains employed by the park crew with SSV (Sunshine Village) park builders.  Our resident rail specialist, and park builder, is super stoked to motivate the crew to perform new tricks this season!

This will be his second year coaching the developmental program.


  • CFSA FUNdamentalz

  • Parkscaping trained (SSV)
Winnipeg Freeriders Coaching Staff